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The joys of "real life" and our hobby
Mon, 30 May 2016, 03:30

Sorry for the lack of new reviews. I've been up to my eyebrows in "real life" for the past few months, and I haven't had time to get anything written.

But have no fear! I'll be making the trip south to Louisville, Kentucky this coming Thursday to attend WonderFest next weekend. And that means . . . NEW KITS!!!

Stay tuned, and I'll update as soon as I can. Our family is also in the process of finalizing the purchase of a new home, and I gotta get 17+ years worth of stuff moved.

Cheers! And if you're at WonderFest, look me up! I'll be participating in Iron Modeler on Saturday night. Look for the guy in the NCIS hat . . . that'll be me!


Website Clarification
Thu, 07 Apr 2016, 02:04

This has come up a couple of times now in questions received from folks, so I'm going to address it and make it part of the News section.

SFMKD is not intended to be a storefront or a sales point. It is a reference website so folks can find out if a certain kit was ever released, when, by whom, and whether or not it's even still available.

The kits that are reviewed here on the website are not sale listings. They are for informational purposes only.

When a website is linked, such as eBay, you'll need to do your own manual search on the linked website to find the specific kit you are looking for. I don't link to specific auctions because they change so much, even over the course of a few hours, that it would be impossible.

The same applies to Internet-based stores such as Starship Modeler or Federation Models. I have no business connection to those entities and have no way to track their inventory. In most cases, when I want a kit, I'm in the same boat as you, meaning I have to go to the specific store website and look to see if the kit is available.

The "MSRP" included in each review is the price for which the kit was sold when the kit was in circulation. With current reviews, the prices listed are the prices I paid when I bought my copy of the specific kit. For older kits, I've had to do research to find out a ballpark price that was charged in, say, 1988 when the "new" Enterprise-D kit was on store shelves. The MSRP is intended to provide a gauge as to how much a kit cost WHEN IT WAS RELEASED, and is not an indication of how much you would pay for that kit TODAY.

Thanks again for your interest and be sure to check back soon!


Starting 2016 With New Kit Reviews!
Fri, 01 Jan 2016, 06:12

Okay, the holidays have come and gone, and this year I’m going to start the year off the right way . . . . with a batch of kit updates! These have been a long time coming, and I apologize for the lack of new reviews. “Real life” landed on me back in July, and I’m still struggling to get stuff taken care of for my parents.

But thanks for your patience, and here’s what’s new with this batch!

1:2500 Federation Andor Class Cruiser (manufacturer unknown)
Crown Models 1:63 Star Warrior X Space Fighter
Fantastic Plastic 1:72 XSL-01
Hasegawa F-14 Tomcat Eggplane
Hasegawa Space Shuttle Eggplane
Hasegawa Vox Aura Eggplane
Hawk/Round 2 Project Vanguard Satellite (reissue)
Lindberg/Round 2 1:96 U.S. Moon Ship (reissue)
Moebius Models 1:72 Interstellar Ranger
Monogram 1:8 Black Knight of Nurnberg
Monogram 1:8 Red Knight of Vienna
Round 2 1:2 Exploration Set
Ravenstar Studios 1:2500 Federation Javelin Class Fast Cruiser
Takara 1:32 Crusher Joe Ostall
Temporal Rift 1:330 Squid Transport Ship (aka Vorlon Transport)
The Delta Quadrant 1:2500 Andorian Kumari Class
Tsukuda 1:6 Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Flight Form
Wave 1:20 MaK S.A.F.S. “Snowman”
Wave Space Settlement (scale unknown)

I’ve also updated a few old reviews with build-up photos.

Bandai 1:12 Imperial Stormtrooper
McDaniels’ Models 1:650 Surya Class
The Delta Quadrant 1:2500 Phobos Class Cruiser
VA Miniatures 1:2500 Shanks Class Light Cruiser

I’ll be back soon with a bunch of new reviews, including a batch of the Bandai Star Wars kits, with the updated 1:144 Millennium Falcon and 1:72 T-70 X-Wing from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Until then, I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2016!



The Delta Quadrant Receives C&D Order
Fri, 01 Jan 2016, 06:39

In case you haven't heard, one of the main resin garage kit companies and suppliers of Star Trek models that nobody else has seen fit to bring to market has been shut down. The Delta Quadrant has received a Cease & Desist Order from CBS/Paramount.

All kit production has been halted, the TDQ website has been surrendered, and the kits on-hand at various retailers represent the remaining stock. When they're gone, that's it . . . they're gone.

Thank you to the staff of The Delta Quadrant for providing excellent models and quality customer service for the modeling community. You will definitely be missed!

Wed, 26 Aug 2015, 02:30

This is a special call out to the folks who are members of the modeling community.

Thomas Sasser, who has been active in the modeling community for years, is in the final stages of his life. He has entered hospice care after being in the hospital for sepsis and ketoacidosis related to his diabetes. His family is trying to raise money to bring him home from Alabama to Michigan so he can be with them when he passes.

Thomas and his wife, Patty, and their children moved to Alabama years ago because Patty had a fantastic job offer. Patty has had to leave her job to care for Thomas, and they are in dire financial need.

Thomas' family has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to bring him, and them, home to St. Johns, MI.

You may not know Thomas, but you do know his work. He was the builder who created the master for Polar Lights for what later became the 1:350 Refit Enterprise model kit.

If you feel moved to help them out, here is the link to the fundraiser.



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Mon 30th May 2016, 03:20:17
The joys of "real life" and our hobby.
Thu 07th Apr 2016, 02:02:06
Website Clarification
Fri 01st Jan 2016, 18:09:49
Starting 2016 With New Kit Reviews!
Fri 01st Jan 2016, 06:16:31
The Delta Quadrant Receives C&D
Wed 26th Aug 2015, 02:18:35
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