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Red Dragon of Krynn

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Category: Miscellaneous
Subcategory: 1/15

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Medium: Vinyl
Parts: 10
Status: Discontinued
Release Date: Unknown
Skill Level: Intermediate
Normally we wouldn't include a kit that is considered "fantasy" but this is such an unusual one that we've made an exception.

This kit was sculpted by Thomas Kuntz, and is based on the Red Dragon of Krynn featured in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Dragonlance series of books. This kit is huge! The body from the mouth to the tip of the tail is almost two feet long. The attached photos were taken using a 12-inch ruler to give an idea of the size of the parts.

Very little is known about this kit, and finding information about it is almost impossible. The review sample was acquired in 2007 from a member at Starship Modeler.com. One example found on the Internet was molded in bright red vinyl, but the review sample was molded in more of a salmon pink vinyl.

The kit is massive, and is the only kit that was ever released in 1:15 scale by Screamin’. It is also the only non-humanoid kit ever released.

There are ten parts in the kit, and they are beautifully detailed. The wingspan on this kit reaches over fifteen inches, and the wings will need reinforcement inside them to keep them from drooping. The figure is posed with wings spread, standing on three legs, and the left front claw raised to strike. The mouth is open, showing lots of teeth. A nice feature of the kit is that the head has a separate lower jaw, so the builder has options in how open the mouth will appear when built.

Review by: Rich "Lonewolf" Dula

Entry created: 05/10/09
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