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NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour

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Category: Real Space
Subcategory: 1/144

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Manufacturer:Minicraft Models
Medium: Styrene
Parts: 102
Status: Available
Release Date: 2001
Skill Level: Intermediate
As we enter 2010, the United States is launching the final missions of the STS (Space Transit System) rockets, known commonly as the Space Shuttle. It has not yet been determined what will replace this reusable vehicle, but the fleet is being phased out.

Minicraft’s kit allows the builder to have the choice of either a full-stack of the shuttle in its launch configuration, or in landed configuration with landing gears deployed. The orbiter is attached to the external fuel tank, and two solid rocket boosters (SRBs) are attached to the port and starboard portions of the tank. The kit is molded in white styrene, and the parts appear free of flash or sink marks. The kit provides markings for four shuttles – Atlantis, Columbia, Discovery, and Endeavour.

The majority of the kit’s parts are used in the orbiter and its connecting pipework to the external fuel tank. Surface detailing of the external tank and of the SRBs is simplified, so builders wishing to add extra detail will be able to do so.

There have been several articles written about inaccuracies with space shuttle models. Builders should take time and do a bit of research prior to beginning construction on this (or any) model kit.

The model’s completed dimensions can’t be given as the overall height, but I can provide the dimensions of the component parts. The orbiter is about 9.5 inches long with a wingspan of 6.75 inches. The external fuel tank is 12 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide. The SRBs are about 12 inches tall and 1 inch wide. The base measures 7.5 inches by 7.75 inches.

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Review by: Rich “Lonewolf” Dula

Entry created: February 6, 2010
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