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Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Flight Form

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Category: Anime
Subcategory: 1/6

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Medium: Vinyl
Parts: 37
Status: Discontinued
Release Date: 1995
Skill Level: Intermediate
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (Galaxy Lady Legend Yuna) is from a series of video games, anime and other media from Japan. The primary character of the series, Yuna Kagurazaka, is a 16-year-old girl who becomes “The Savior of Light” after winning the Galactic Bishop Contest and must defend the universe from evil. The series dates from 1992, but the original artwork and storyline dates back to the late 1980’s.

This version has Yuna in her powered flight armor, which allows her to reach high altitudes. A companion kit, also by Tsukuda, was the Yuna (Light Suit), which is also discontinued.

Tsukuda’s vinyl kit has a total of 37 vinyl parts, plus two beads and two parts I have absolutely no idea what they are, because they’re not shown on the parts map. A sheet of waterslide decals with three sets of eyes is also provided. A wooden display base was also included.

I’m not sure how tall the completed model will be, but I’m guessing it will be somewhere around 8 inches or so.

Review by: Rich “Lonewolf” Dula

Entry created: November 27, 2015
Comments: 0 | Rating (1-5): -- No rating -- | MSRP: $48.00

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