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Romulan Warbird

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Category: Star Trek
Subcategory: 1:3000+

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Medium: Styrene
Parts: 22
Status: Available
Release Date: 1989
Skill Level: Beginner
The Romulan D’deridex Class starship is over double the length of the Federation Galaxy Class, and is more than a match for the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. First appearing during the episode “The Neutral Zone” on Star Trek: The Next Generation, the approximate length of the ship is 1,200 meters, although the ship’s designer, Andrew Probert, gives the length as 1,353 meters.

Originally released as part of the 3-Piece Adversary Set (along with a Klingon Bird of Prey and a Ferengi Marauder) in 1989, the Romulan Warbird has been reissued by Round 2 as a separate kit with all-new features. The Bird of Prey and the Marauder are now boxed as a two-model set, also available from Round 2. The Adversary Set was reissued in the early 2000’s in a new, smaller box.

This is the original 1989 boxing.

This is the re-boxed kit that was released by Round 2.

And this is the all-new two-ship boxing.

The 1:3200 kit is molded in greenish-gray styrene and includes glow-in-the-dark parts for the warp nacelles. Romulan markings are also included, and for the first time window decals are part of the kit. A new Round 2 stand is provided, using the standard half-dome and metal rod for mounting. As this is a reissue of the older kit, no new tooling is part of it, and all panel lines/details are raised.

The completed model will be about 9 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Review by: Rich “Lonewolf” Dula

Entry created: January 2, 2013
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