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USS Enterprise NCC-1701

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Category: Star Trek
Subcategory: 1:500

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Manufacturer:Revell Germany
Medium: Styrene
Parts: 91
Status: Available
Release Date: 2013
Skill Level: Intermediate
When the 2009 movie “Star Trek” appeared on the silver screen, a brand-new version of the USS Enterprise was first seen. Using the classic characters, J. J. Abrams set the universe of Star Trek on its ear by opening a rift in the space-time continuum, leaving fans in an alternate timeline where Vulcan was destroyed. The new cast returned in 2013’s “Star Trek Into Darkness”, and the first styrene model kit of the reimagined USS Enterprise was released by Revell Germany, who had the European license to produce model kits. Unfortunately for those of us living in the United States, a domestic license issued to Round 2 did not include kits from the newest movies. Fortunately, however, a number of websites offered the Revell Germany kit for sale.

Even though it is officially 1:500 scale, it’s close enough to the old AMT/Ertl Refit from 1979 that I’m going to think of it as being 1:537. The primary hull (saucer section) is 11 inches in diameter, which is pretty close to the old Refit.

The model kit is crisply molded in white styrene with finely-recessed panel lines. Two sprues of clear-molded parts for items like windows, the navigational deflector, and the Bussard domes are also included. One very nice inclusion is a Starfleet arrowhead shield that measures 10 inches long by 6 inches across at the widest point. An interesting design feature is that the center sections of the upper and lower primary hull are separate. The bridge module and the lower planetary sensor array are assembled as individual components which are then installed prior to joining the upper and lower sections. Also, Revell Germany included reinforcing bulkheads in the secondary hull just below the connecting dorsal to help support the hull. The warp pylons are actually three parts – port and starboard hull halves, and a third part that installs from the top to avoid having a seam right down the strongback.

The decal sheet that is provided is simply beautiful. All of the registry markings are there, along with the fan blade decals for inside the Bussard domes, phaser cannon surround patches, vents, pin-striping, escape hatches, even the sensor bands that run around the edges of the primary hull. About the only things not included with the kit are masks to duplicate the Aztec paint scheme. However, there are masking and decal sets available from aftermarket sources that will fill this void.

The completed model is over 23 inches long.

This looks like a beautiful kit, and appears to be one that was well worth the wait. If you are a fan of the new version of Star Trek, this is definitely a model kit that you will want to add to your stockpile.

Review by: Rich “Lonewolf” Dula

Entry created: January 11, 2014
Comments: 0 | Rating (1-5): -- No rating -- | MSRP: $69.95

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