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F90 II L-Type Gundam

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Category: Gundam
Subcategory: 1/100

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Medium: Styrene
Parts: 100+
Status: Discontinued
Release Date: 1994
Skill Level: Beginner
This kit is one of Bandai's earlier high-grade kits, though it is not marketed as such by Bandai. The kit features snap assembly, is fully-posable, and is a variation of the F90 kit that comes with loads of different weapons. Stickers included to color portions of the kit that are not pre-colored.

The Gundam F90 II Long Range Type (L-Type) was designed to operate as an extreme-range sniper unit. The L-Type was armed with a long rifle, which could fire both solid shell ammunition and mega particle beams, with the rifle fed by an ammo clip and a e-pac for each firing mode. A special external targeting sensor unit was also provided which allowed the L-Type to accurately acquire and hit targets up to 100 kilometers away in shell-firing mode or even farther in beam-firing mode.

The kit is molded in multiple colors (blue, red, yellow, dark gray and light gray) and features crisp molding with little or no flash.

As of the date of this review, HobbyLink Japan lists the kit as “out of stock”, meaning that they won't order any more unless a customer orders the item from them, and since they have not reordered this item, they don't have any current information about whether they can get any more

The completed kit stands about 7.25 inches high.

Review by: Rich “Lonewolf” Dula

Entry created: 06/08/09
Comments: 0 | Rating (1-5): -- No rating -- | MSRP: $15.35

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